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ICoLA 2021

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Veronique Angeli National University of Singapore Singapore
SYMPOSIUM 4 Role of LYVE-1+ macrophage in arterial diseases
Hidenori Arai National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology Japan
SYMPOSIUM 10 Update of lipid-lowering therapy guidelines; difference and similarity
Martin Bennett University of Cambridge UK
PLENARY LECTURE 6 Targeting smooth muscle cell in management of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Dirk Blom Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research in Africa South Africa
SYMPOSIUM 20 Current trend in treatment of HeFH/HoFH
Karin Bornfeldt University of Washington USA
SYMPOSIUM 13 New insights from mouse models of diabetes-accelerated atherosclerosis
Jae-Hoon Choi Hanyang University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 4 Myeloid cell heterogeneity in hyperlipidemic cardiovascular diseases
So-Yeon Choi Ajou University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 7 Update on invasive imaging of vulnerable plaque
SungHee Choi Seoul National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 10 Is current LDL-C target achievable?
Mete Civelek University of Virginia USA
SYMPOSIUM 3 How can we derive biological relevance from genetic studies on atherosclerosis?
Arnonld von Eckardstein University of Zürich Switzerland
SYMPOSIUM 21 Beyond HDL-cholesterol: the search for functional biomarkers of HDL
Edward A. Fisher NYU Grossman School of Medicine USA
SYMPOSIUM 4 Role of immune cells in the regression of atherosclerosis: conversations between fat and the plaque
Masato Furuhashi Sapporo University Japan
SYMPOSIUM 12 FABP as therapeutic target in ASCVD
Gwang-woong Go Hanyang University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 9 Dietary n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-6 PUFA) on health: a systematic review of clinical studies in 2014-2019
Ki Hoon Han University of Ulsan Korea
SYMPOSIUM 6 Is remnant lipoprotein atherogenic?
Sung Nim Han Seoul National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 9 Dietary cholesterol recommendation for cardiovascular risk
Hiroyuki Hao Nihon University Japan
SYMPOSIUM 18 (Joint with JAS) Update on pathophysiology of acute coronary syndrome
Mariko Harada-Shiba National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Research Institute Japan
SYMPOSIUM 11 (Joint with IAS) Is it worth to adjust lipid-lowering therapy by ethnicity & how?
Kyung-Sun Heo Chungnam National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 8 Update on endothelial cell as target of anti-atherosclerosis treatment
Jung Ho Heo Kosin University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 19 Anti-inflammatory treatment to reduce CV risk
Ken-ichi Hirata Kobe University Japan
PLENARY LECTURE 3 Optimal medical therapy to inhibit coronary plaque
Soon Jun Hong Korea University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 18 (Joint with JAS) Latest therapeutic strategies to modify platelet function
Hisanori Horiuchi Tohoku University Japan
SYMPOSIUM 18 (Joint with JAS) Topics in the antiplatelet therapy: Daily dose of thienopyridine ADP receptor antagonists in Japan and the effect of thrombocytopenia on the DAPT therapy
Mahmood Hussain New York University USA
SYMPOSIUM 16 Regulation of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein (MTP) in lipid metabolism
Byeong Hwa Jeon Chungnam National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 5 Biological Role of APE1/Ref-1 in Vascular Calcification
Hanjoong Jo Emory University USA
SYMPOSIUM 8 Disturbed Flow Induces Endothelial Reprograming and Atherosclerosis. Lessons from single-cell RNAseq and ATACseq study
Jenny E. Kanter University of Washington USA
SYMPOSIUM 16 Apolipoprotein C3 as a regulator of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins in diabetes and its complications
Chang-Yeon Kim Daegu Catholic University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 2 Integration of new imaging or biomarkers to risk calculators
Jin-Won Kim Korea University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 7 Latest target molecules in imaging early & late atherosclerosis
Ji Yeon Kim Seoul National University of Science and Technology Korea
SYMPOSIUM 9 Dietary fiber and dyslipidemia
Kyung-Gon Kim University of Ulsan Korea
SYMPOSIUM 13 Proteomic studies in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Mi Kyung Kim Inje University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 14 Biological effect & clinical benefit of omega-3 PUFA
Sang Yong Kim Chosun University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 15 New PPARalpha agonist
Sang-Hyun Kim Seoul National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 20 Upcoming treatment agents for FH
Young-Kook Kim Chonnam National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 22 The role of non-coding RNAs in vascular smooth muscle cells
Sin-Gon Kim Korea University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 11 (Joint with IAS) Timing & candidate of combination treatment
Bo Kyung Koo Seoul National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 1 Heterogeneity of NAFLD from the perspective of atherosclerosis
Masahiro Koseki Osaka University Japan
SYMPOSIUM 1 NAFLD, NASH & cardiovascular disease
Seung-Hwan Lee The Catholic University of Korea Korea
SYMPOSIUM 2 Risk model for CV risk assessment in Korean population
Jong-Young Lee Sungkyunkwan University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 10 Is current stratification of very-high risk group appropriate?
Do Yup Lee Seoul National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 13 Fatty liver disease and gut ecosystem: microbiome and metabolome
Yujin Lee Myongji University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 17 Nutrition policies to improve diet and reduce health and economic burdens of cardiometabolic diseases: a microsimulation study
Jang Hoon Lee Kyungpook National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 21 What’s new in HDL-modifying therapeutics?
Klaus Ley La Jolla Institute for Immunology USA
PLENARY LECTURE 2 Single cell RNA and antibody sequencing in women and men with cardiovascular disease
Soo Lim Seoul National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 12 Mechanism of vascular complications in obesity & metabolic syndrome
Ichiro Manabe Chiba University Japan
SYMPOSIUM 12 Immunometabolic control in macrophages
Jung-joon Min Chonnam National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 7 Molecular imaging in atherosclerosis
Samia Mora Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School USA
SYMPOSIUM 11 (Joint with IAS) Optimal treatment & LDL-C target for intermediate/low risk population
Kiran Musunuru University of Pennsylvania USA
PLENARY LECTURE 5 Genetics/epigenetic approach in studies of lipid metabolism & atherosclerosis
Chang Seon Myung Chungnam National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 5 Phenotypic changes of VSMC in atherosclerosis
Pradeep Natarajan Harvard Medical School USA
SYMPOSIUM 3 Mapping genetic associations to novel therapeutics for cardiometabolic disease
Ian Neeland University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center USA
SYMPOSIUM 2 Understanding cardiovascular risk: using risk scores and other risk-based testing in the contemporary era
Masatsune Ogura Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine Japan
SYMPOSIUM 14 Latest data on siRNA against PCSK9
Goo Taeg Oh Ewha Womans University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 8 The Roles of peroxiredoxins in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis
Koh Ono Kyoto University Japan
SYMPOSIUM 22 Function of miR-33a/b in lipid and systemic metabolism
Sung Ho Park UNIST Korea
SYMPOSIUM 3 Clinical implication of recent epigenetic studies on CAD & dyslipidemia
Hun-Jun Park The Catholic University of Korea Korea
SYMPOSIUM 15 Emerging targets for management of dyslipidemia
Young Mi Park Ewha Womans University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 16 What's new in intracellular lipid trafficking
Clara Yongjoo Park Chonnam National University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 17 Vitamin D in cardiometabolic disease - the more the better?
Kausik Ray Imperial College London UK
SYMPOSIUM 14 Patient selection for PCSK9 MAb based therapies
Katey Rayner University of Ottawa Canada
SYMPOSIUM 22 Non-coding RNA control of cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis
Alan Remaley National Institute of Health USA
PLENARY LECTURE 4 Hypertriglyceridemia: diagnostic and therapeutic implications
Gissette Reyes-Soffer Columbia University USA
SYMPOSIUM 15 The metabolic effects of antisense oligonucleotides treatments in dyslipidemia
Raul D. Santos University of Sao Paulo Brazil
PLENARY LECTURE 1 What’s new in epidemiology of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and its risk factors
Min-Jeong Shin Korea University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 9 Sodium dietary reference intakes based on CV disease
Judith C. Sluimer Maastricht University Netherlands
SYMPOSIUM 5 Cellular plasticity in atherosclerosis
Nathan Stitziel University of Washington USA
SYMPOSIUM 6 Targeting ANGPTL3 to reduce LDL cholesterol, triglyceride-rich lipoproteins, and cardiovascular disease
Hayato Tada Kanazawa University Japan
SYMPOSIUM 20 Personalized medicine for patients with FH
Sotirios Tsimikas University of California San Diego USA
SYMPOSIUM 19 Recent results on Lp(a) therapeutics
Tomas Vaisar University of Washington USA
SYMPOSIUM 21 HDL and the cardiovascular risk in diabetes
Marit Westerterp University of Groningen Netherlands
SYMPOSIUM 1 Leukocytes, inflammation, and atherosclerosis
Hong Xue George Mason University USA
SYMPOSIUM 17 Systems science in biomedical research regarding obesity and noncommunicable chronic diseases
Hye-Jin Yoo Korea University Korea
SYMPOSIUM 6 New therapeutics based on TG metabolism
Hiroshi Yoshida Jikei University School of Medicine Japan
SYMPOSIUM 19 Lp(a) as a risk factor
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